Friday, January 11, 2008

The Girl In The Memory Lane

The Girl In The Memory Lane :


Thank YOU for sharing your story. My daughter has inherited a Daughter K ( her boy friend's just turned  13 daughter.) She came from a horrid living environment, Almost homeless the mother lived with whoever with her 3 daughters. K was to much to handle  so she came to a new home. She knew little of the basic functions of life grooming, eating, school, She knew how to take care of her little sisters and survived in her own way. Sadly she was taken advantage of by males around her.  Which she referred to as her dates. She did not know what was right or wrong.
She has come along way since her move 18 months ago. She has much needed glasses.  She has been diagnosed  bi-polar. She is on her med's, in school, has a counselor, she has learned to bath, primp  and even has her very own bedroom.
She still has issues that will take years to heal - she interrupts, talks on and on, She fights at school and is a know it all, a bit pesty. Slowly but surely she improves as she is walk the new life path that has been given to her. I wish her peace.

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