Sunday, February 24, 2008

AMerican Mafia & My Childhood

"My Mother
Betty's Illusion" This represents her life path,
Quilt by SusanPI

Racing through childhood, we look forward to the first grade, being a preteen, turning 18, freedom, love and life.
The years roll by and than fly by:)

Being a teenage Mother in the 60's, with little education ( Eventually GED and cosmetology school, which took me years to do ) I had a husband fresh back from Vietnam. He was a good provider, loved us. With the help of alcohol, thou not always needed was abusive. I walked away with my children and never looked back.

My parents had their life style and the booze. My father was associated to the Cleveland Syndicate ( My Grandfather's roots went deep in the early years of prohibition) Alcohol and lavished life style controlled my parents. I was on my own at in my mid teens. My Father died and my Mother continued her life with cocktails . I think her life would have been very different if they had prosaic and had learned to talk about menopause.

On my journey towards adulthood I was again alone this time with two children. Did we struggle? Oh YES but I did not know at the time I was struggling I was just trying to survive .We did survive - a wonderful journey. This journey reflects this in my Art. My Father taught me the love of the ocean, animals and gardening . I have a marigold garden every summer in remembering my Father. I think about my Mother often and wish I could have understood. 26 Mafia Cities - Cleveland, Ohio

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