Monday, October 27, 2008

Quilted Postcards

My 2 cents worth -

When the Bernina 440 Sewing Machine came out, I searched for information and found a yahoo message board for the new incredible sewing machines. I saw how much everyone rated the new Bernina's 440 as positive.. I have been a member of this group since that time ,I also have one of the first 440's and of course I had lots of questions ( this was my first sewing machine) I have learned how to, what to and when to use Lucy right there. I have also participated in 2 postcards exchanges. Wow what an incredible experience. My life path has changed and I lov doing ARt Quilts. My 9 year old Grandson loves to make small free motion quilt designs. I had no idea that Postcard, Trading cards and Art Quilts even existed, or that I would be creative enough to do make things. The results of the experience of post card exchanges, showered me with beautiful ARt work from allover the world. How COOL is that.

Carol and Jerry are Awesome

Quilting In Kentucky

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