Thursday, October 16, 2008

Turning 60

Turning 60

My Brother Tom turned 60, 2.6 years ago, though he was not thrilled about this event, he did turn 60. I made him a beautiful southwestern log cabin quilt and named it “Turning 60 In Santa Fe”.:)

This year my son turned 40 YIKES. I could not believe it. How could he possible be 40 I was horrified. My son the attorney was 40 By the way he was not into celebrating. In his very serious manner he stated “Just another day”. So the day of his 40th birthday came very
Quietly and left.

Than July creeped into my life and it was my turn to ( believe it or not) to turn 60, oh my God I am moving toward 70 SO I decided to have own party. The last time I had a birthday party I was 12. I got on my lap top sent an email to all my relatives and friends, which I had email for. Even my former boss.

My husband and I spiffed up the house and spruced up the yard, fertilized the flowers, went to Sams and bought a super dooper cooler to hold all the drinks, mostly beer and it happened. It was a bit overwhelming everyone showed up at the same time, kind of like a receiving line. I did not have a moment to dwell on being 60. Lots of hugs and best wishes. It was a beautiful summer evening and a super party. Did we have fun? Yes we did

I think I proved turning 60 is just another day.
Love, friendship and most of all the ability to party, hardy does not end. Life goes on.. Turning 60 is just a step on my life path I am making the most of every moment:)
( I am still not sure I am 60 haha)

October 16,2008

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KimberlyRies said...

If that is you in the picture, you look great at 60! Glad you were able to have a party to celebrate! Remember - it's just a number!