Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Other Worlds 2

Fast Friday Fabric Challenge 52

What If? Do you ever wonder - are there other worlds - what are all the
stars we gaze upon, that hang in the sky and seem to stare down on us?

I wonder do they know us, who we are and what we do?

"Other Worlds 2" started with the wrong side of an upholsters scrap. I
painted the fabric with a faux metal and patina glaze. Using fabric
paints and pigmented acrylic ink I followed my vision toward a portion
of the universe. ( strictly using my imagination) Free motion
embroidery with the help of some copper fibers ( which I was able to melt) completed my challenge 52. Comments would be appreciated.
This was an excellent challenge . Working with the color fields while
attempting to create an abstract with depth and reason. TY Betty great choice for the challenge:)

Quilting in Kentucky

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