Saturday, March 19, 2011

Knitted Bag

I am creating a knitted bag, a challenge from my local hangout


Margaret said...

Very cool. I've been knitting over 50 years it, but haven't done much free-form stuff. Are you following a book or working solely out of your head? Or a bit of both? Regardless, it's lovely!

SusanPI said...

Margaret: Just a note to let you know I finished this purse - it was so much fun to make. I have a book by Prudence Mapstone "Never to Many Handbags" I use the book as a guide (sort of) once I got going I just did my own thing! I am the kind of person that makes it up as I go along. I am getting ready to teaching a knit along at my fav hangout KnitWitts in Northern KY. My hope is to help my fellow knitters to think outside the box. My way of creating art:)

I will post the finished bag I need totake a pic. The back was really a surprise even to me LOL

KathyB said...

So, Susan, you are very creative. Who knew that knitting could be so sculptural? I would put this in the category of 'FIBER ART' for sure. You have captured a free, bohemian, artist look. Stop by and see my fiber art at