Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Name Is Sue

This is an Art Quilt for a "Fast Friday Fabric Challenge 65" The topic was to be associated with childhood memories. Music has always been important to me and very much so as a young teen. Being a big fan of Johnny Cash I chose to make an album cover and use the original record for A Boy Named Sue. I used the words from A boy named Sue and Ring of Fire. ( it burns, burns, burns ) LOL I was thrilled he used my name Sue in his popular song.I transferred a photo on batik green fabric and wrote the chosen words. I machine embroidered his name CASH. The record it is an original 45 of The Boy Named Sue. I am going to make a pocket to slide the record in on the back so it will shoe Johnny's name and Columbia. I would like to preserve the record, if possible. I am open for suggestions on how to attach the record. TY

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Judy Alexander said...

Love this. Ring of Fire is my favorite JC song.