Friday, October 5, 2012

FastFridayFabricChallenge September 2012


                              " Deb"

 I am not sure if I followed the loop procedure correctly.  This  is created as  to represent a picture in a  picture album. To do this I will be up loading 2 pics one with album open and 1 with it closed. I used a photo  and transferred it to fabric  the back ground is upholstery fabric sample, this was free motion embroidery.  I wanted this to look a bit 3 D. The cover is made to look like a door ( door is cotton fabric, loops ribbon with felted balls to hook on ) Around her neck Deb wears a necklace made out of an old garnet  ear ring.

I had fun with this challenge just doing my own thing. When an idea pops into my head I reach in pull it out and hope for the best..Comments will be appreciated I look forward to seeing what everyone has created.

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